Yoga for Kids

Let's have fun! Sing, dance, do some Yoga!

Creating a lively curriculum is the key to teaching kids yoga. Going into class and winging it, gives the control over to chaos. Kids want to feel secure and comfortable. They want to know that the adult in charge will safeguard their insecurities. Starting off class with fun games is a way to relieve uneasiness and embarrassment. Focusing on fun as opposed to form is key. For younger students, teaching one or two poses per class keeps them engaged and excited to come back to learn more. Closing class with a few minutes of "sitting in stillness" is essential. Kids crave quiet, too.

Summer Kids Yoga is a four week session of classes for kids ages 6-11. Starting Sunday, 2nd through Sunday July 23rd, kids will learn yoga poses, play games, do partner poses, learn to be more calm and focused through breath-work and meditation. This hour long class starts at 1pm. Stay tuned for fall opportunities! 

Yoga Club will return to Onaway Elementary School this fall and runs in  6 week intervals! Through a lively curriculum, students grades 2-4 will engage in non-competitive games, learn dozens of yoga poses, write in their journals, sit in stillness and more!!

If you are interested in learning more or booking private sessions for your kids, please send an email to!