Corporate Yoga

Yoga benefits the Team

Working with both a boys and girls high school basketball teams was a monumental experience! These athletes were some of the best in their school but yoga was a foreign concept for most of them. I challenged them with power vinyasa sequences that emphasized breathing and drishti (focused gaze) that would translate into the tunnel vision needed during a basketball game. After building these foundations, we had a couple of fun inversion workshops. With an emphasis on enhancing their focus, strengthening the core and the development of powerful arms muscles, these athletes rose to the occasion. The main cornerstone of the classes was balance. After closing with  "sitting in stillness," we discussed the benefits of drinking more water and cleaning up our diets. Many were surprised to hear about my food choices.


For a local school district, employees were encouraged to take part of their wellness programs being offered. The purpose was to increase productivity and to provide stress relief for staff members. The satisfaction from teaching these individuals yoga is stupendous. The staff's level of fitness and experience is extremely varied so I must give modifications for each pose to foster their feelings of success at yoga. 


Being a volunteer at a Girls Health Summit was a fulfilling way for me to support my community. The young ladies had lots of doubts about yoga and felt forced to try this new thing. By the end of each one of the three sessions, the girls didn't want to leave! I ran out of hand-outs and many wanted to stay to ask more questions about other wellness topics. It was a great day!

"Daybreak Yoga is a wonderful organization led by Dawn Rivers. Our 6th annual Girls Health Summit was hosted in December 2016 with over 700 youth and adult participants. Dawn Rivers lead youth workshops for nearly 75 girls during several breakout sessions throughout the day. The girls exposed to yoga stretched their minds and bodies in ways that I am sure will last them a lifetime. We collect surveys from each girl and their comments were overwhelmingly positive and excited for the next summit. Thank you Daybreak Yoga for being a part of the day. On behalf of the Girls Health Summit planning committee and the young ladies attended, THANK YOU! We look forward to having you ever year. " 

—Clarissa Russel, event planner