Don't Sweat the Small Stuff!

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When your daughter says you should have gone to the show, you finally learn your lesson.

My daughter was 21 when Whitney Houston died. I was telling her stories of my favorite memories of Whitney and how I almost went to see her sing in Las Vegas. But didn’t go because I decided to stay home for her school performance. My daughter, almost yelled at me! She said, “Mom, I don’t even remember that school thing! You should have gone!!”

I was the biggest Whitney fan and I first saw her perform at the Front Row in Cleveland way back in 1985! My best friend and I bought our mothers tickets for all of our birthdays. We’re September babies. It was the best concert of my teen years. The Front Row was a small theater that had a circular stage which slowly rotated so there were no bad seats. Whitney was a dream! Beautiful. Young. Elegant. And that voice! It was a great memory. But I never saw Whitney in concert again.

Life got in the way.

I became a single mother at 21. Later I got married and had my son. Life was on full speed and my children’s lives were more important than mine. I did what most moms do, sacrificed for them. In the case of Whitney Houston even more so.


Years later one of my dearest friends invited me to attend VH1's Divas Live in Las Vegas where Whitney Houston, Mary J. Bilge, Celine Dion and others would be performing! I was so excited because it would be an all expense paid trip to see my idol and go to Vegas!! How could I pass that up? I told her yes and started planning my trip. But when I looked at the dates, I realized it was the same weekend as my daughter’s school “Walk Through Time” program.

She attended a local all girls school and the 6th graders all studied one historical figure each from US history. Then she was to dress up as this person and lined up chronologically from the early settlers to modern history. When parents walked passed one of the girls, she told of that person’s significance in America’s history. My daughter and I spent a ton of time researching, preparing, creating her costume and  planning for the “big day.” So how could I not be there? I told my friend that I was sorry, but I couldn’t miss the school performance.

Take time for you.

Most women spend a lot of time making sure everyone is taken care of but themselves. We don’t eat what we should. We don’t take the time to practice yoga. We don’t pamper ourselves enough.

When my daughter told me years later that she didn’t even remember the school event, I knew I was sweating over small things. It is okay to miss a school event, a game, a party and take time for yourself. Children learn to be self-sufficient by watching what their parents do. They learn to try new things when they see their parents taking risks. They learn to make critical decisions when they see their parents way options, research and conclude to proceed with confidence.

In yoga as in life, each pose makes us stronger and more flexible. So just as in life, don’t sweat the small stuff just practice each pose one at a time.   

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