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While Cleveland is a home to numerous yoga classes, there are some drastic differences which distinguish my Yoga classes from everyone else

Daybreak Yoga is a mixture of Power Vinyasa Yoga and Hatha Yoga styles. I like to teach to the needs of my students and not force them to meet the style of yoga I want to teach. Each class is different. This allows for growth in strength and flexibility by challenging the body to adjust to new flows and postures. Foundations are built through Sun Salutations but poses are constructed by layering on complexity. Students don't get bored! Ultimately the classes guide students to a place of stillness so they can quiet their minds and expand the breath. Life is in the breath. It calms the body, mind and spirit. Without breathing, yoga is nothing. The more we know about this practice, the better our lives can be. Daybreak Yoga believes that YOGA is Your Own Growing Awareness. Therefore, grow and know.

Dawn Rivers - Yoga Teacher in Cleveland


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