How creating my Vision Board made me a believer!

by Dawn M. Rivers
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Nope I didn't believe that Vision Boards were anything special. I pretty much thought like lots of people, it was just a nice idea. But when I created by first board ever, I learned that the Laws of Attraction are real! I attract what I feel, say and believe. So if I attract negative things into my life, why not try working on envisioning more positive things?

Within three months of creating my first ever vision board, three things came to fruition!

I couldn’t believe it. The dreams I had for my life were coming true, and fast! I had been reading about creating a vision board and the “power of the board” for a few a little bit of time but I really didn’t think it could work.

Just so you know, I am more or less organized person. I love to make lists. I’ve always set goals, wrote agendas, and had a plan of some sort. When my children were little they learned to ask me, “Mom, what’s the plan for today?” I felt more accomplished when I could check things off.

So in late 2015 I was talking with a yoga studio coworker about this idea of creating a vision board and using images from magazines to make a collage to show what I wanted for my life. She was so sweet and supportive that she gave me a bag full of old magazine the next time she saw me. I only told a few other people because I learned that you don’t share your ideas too quickly. People can spoil things for you, intentionally or unintentionally. I didn’t begin the actually construction of the board for a couple more months because fear was getting the best of me. What was I afraid of? Who knows. Maybe it was disappointment or failure to produce. I just kept procrastinating. Sound familiar?

Finally, I said to myself just do it! I bought a firm poster board and found more magazines at home that I planned to use. My boyfriend was so helpful, too. He helped me cut out words, images and pictures. I told him what I thought I wanted to have on my board and he patiently worked with me for hours. Once I had a bag full of images, I began to sort my vision by themes:





After I finished my board, I posted a picture of it on social media. I was immediately supported by friends. A few said that they were inspired by my board and planned on making one now because of me. Another friend invited me to share my board at her annual Vision Board gathering with her friends and family. I was so nervous but said yes. I brought my completed board and sat quietly as I watched others cut and create theirs. Once everyone was done producing their boards, we all shared. I grasp that day the power of sharing your vision with others who are also “visionaries” is the first step in setting in motion the changes you want in your life.

I went first and was sweating like a racehorse. They clapped, asked questions and finally inquired how could they support me. I was on the verge of tears! Never in my life had I felt this way. But that is not the end of the story.


I wanted to update my passport because I had two international trips planned but not paid for yet. Everyone told me that it would take a couple of months before I got it. Ha! It came within three weeks of my application. I bought my first airline tickets and traveled to Cancun with my mom. After that I got back the biggest tax return of my life! I paid off some credit cards and booked my first solo vacation to Los Cabos, Mexico!! The summer of 2016 was the best year of my life!



Here is what I recommend for your New Year’s (or mid-year) vision planning: 

  • Make a list of things you want to accomplish in your life
  • Set a goal or two for the next 12 months
  • Find your creative outlet to present your vision
  •  Begin creating as soon as possible
  • Share with trusted family and friends
  • Display your “board” in a prominent location so you see it EVERYDAY
  • Speak what you see,You believe what you hear

After the early success of my board, my mother created one for herself and put it up on her refrigerator. Her vision has come true as well!

So envision it, speak it, believe it, and it will happen!



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